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What is full Advice & Recommendation.

Full Advice and Recommendation is for clients who do not have any in depth knowledge of pensions and want help implementing their Pension Sharing Order.

As an Independent Financial Adviser David can handle all this for you.

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Using an Independent Financial Adviser means you have the peace of mind of knowing your Pension Sharing Order has been implemented properly. 

Recommendations will include the most suitable Pension provider and also the most suitable pension funds(s) based on your attitude to risk and a variety of other considerations.

Once the research has been completed and the recommendations made we will complete all the forms with you and process your application right up to the point where your new pension is set up and in place.

Ongoing annual reviews then provide you with the peace of mind that your pension is being looked after properly and can also take into account any changes in your future circumstances and how this might affect your pension.