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The Process Step by Step.

In what can be a difficult time following a Divorce, having the right help and support can make such a difference.

It can be disconcerting not knowing where to go or who to speak to about your Pension Sharing Order. 


David will go out of his way to put your mind at rest and make you feel comfortable about the whole process. If you have an email address he can send you a simple video call link so you can speak face to face, otherwise you can discuss things over the telephone or dependent on locality, face to face.

Regarding the process itself here is a summary of what is involved :

  • An initial discussion between David and yourself to talk through your situation and establish what needs to be done. 

  • David will need a copy of your Pension Sharing Order and a signed letter of authority from the original pension holder allowing him to obtain all the information on the pension in question. (He will provide you with the letter of authority).

  • David will then confirm with the pension provider if a transfer out is required rather than being able to retain the pension in it's existing fund.

  • If this is the case, David will go through a full fact find with you so he has a good enough picture of your circumstances to be sure the correct advice regarding transferring out is provided.

  • David will complete a risk profile questionnaire with you to ensure his recommendations are in line with your attitude to risk and where you are comfortable.

  • The research will then be carried out and your Suitability Report will be produced together with all the other documentation related to your case including the necessary application forms.

  • This will be posted to you and David will then go through this either by video call, face to face or telephone to ensure you are happy with the recommendations, and the advice that is being given.

  • When you are happy with everything, David will complete the applications forms with you and then post them out to sign.

  • He will also go through any other requirements to go with the application such as ID and Address verification for Money Laundering Purposes.

  • Once we have received the paperwork back it is sent to the chosen pension provider who will set up your new pension and organise the transfer of funds.

  • When everything has been finalised you will receive your paperwork confirming your new pension has been set up including your new account number and other details relating to your pension.


David will be there to look after you every step of the way and moving forward will contact you once a year for an annual review of your new pension.