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Implementing Pension Sharing Orders.

Pension Sharing is where an existing pension is physically split and divided as part of a divorce settlement.

The amount is always set out as a percentage of the pension's cash equivalent value.

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As a result of this the ex spouse gets a pension in their own name and under their control.

When a Pension Sharing Order is granted the pension fund will indicate if the spouse who did not accrue the pension may keep their share within the fund or whether an external transfer is required.

An external transfer is where the pension proceeds awarded to the ex spouse have to be transferred out and invested into a separate pension scheme of their choice.

This is often the case. As an Independent Financial Adviser David will guide you though this process to ensure your new pension is set up correctly based on your needs and circumstances.

He will also clearly explain the cost associated with doing this and what is involved so you have a clear understanding of what it is that you are doing.