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Costs of Advice & Pension Implementation.

There is no cost to have an initial chat and David will be happy to spend as long as you need to discuss your circumstances.

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However, if you wish David to act for you there are costs associated with taking Independent Financial Advice. They are designed to be clear and transparent so you know exactly what the costs will be, and David will cover these in the initial discussion he has with you.


With pension sharing orders the cost of setting up your new pension is calculated as a percentage of the total value of funds transferred into your new arrangement. This is paid from the funds once they have been transferred into your new pension, or you can choose to pay this separately if you so wish.

This covers everything including all advice and recommendations made and the actual physical process itself of setting up your new pension for you.

As well as discussing this with you, David will provide you with his Regulatory Client Agreement which will confirm all costs associated with what you are doing along with other important regulatory information.