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About David

David is an Independent Financial Adviser specialising in Investment and Retirement planning, including the implementation of Pension Sharing Orders.


He helps people in receipt of a Pension Sharing Order to set up their own pension arrangements following divorce proceedings if an external transfer is required. He is based in Derbyshire and has clients all over the UK.

In most Pension Sharing Order cases, people need to find a new home for the percentage of pension funds they have been allocated as part of the Divorce settlement. David will guide you through this process and advise on the most appropriate pension provider, and which funds your pension should be invested in.

You don't t have to worry about doing anything yourself as David will deal with the whole process to the point where you have your new pension in place. He will then review your pension with you annually to ensure everything is ok.

David is an experienced Financial Adviser. His clients particularly comment on his ability to explain things clearly and his friendly approachable manner.

As a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser he is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and has always maintained the highest standards of advise, client care and integrity.

If you would like to speak to him to discuss your circumstances, please call or email, and he will be happy to answer your questions regarding implementing your Pension Sharing order.